Chapter 2 Upgrading the Domino Software
If you already have Domino servers set up on your system, you can update those servers to a later release of Domino by installing the new Domino for System i software. The Domino server upgrade process may occur during installation or as post-installation step, depending on the install method you choose.

You do not need to go through the server setup procedure again when you update to a new Domino release. However, you may want to change the server configuration to take advantage of new features provided by the new Domino release.

Whether you are upgrading from a version prior to Domino 8, or are upgrading to a new Maintenance Release, there are special considerations to keep in mind, as highlighted in the following two sections.

For more details, see "Installing the Domino software" in Chapter 3 and "Changing a Domino server's properties using iSeries Navigator" in Chapter 10.