Chapter 15 Using Domino as a mail server
The mail features in Domino 8 for System i boast a streamlined deployment that improves performance and eases administration. Using the Domino SMTP function, each server in your environment can be bound to its own IP address, boosting server performance by reducing the infrastructure overhead.

The options you specify when you set up the Domino server define the type of mail support that is used for the server. Whether you set up the server using the Domino Server Setup Wizard (domwzd.exe) or the CL command Configure Domino Server (CFGDOMSVR), the options you specify are essentially the same. You can set up your Domino server to have SMTP, IMAP, and POP3 services.

When setting up Domino, specify which type of mail support you want:

If you set up more than one server on the same iSeries with SMTP enabled, each server must have a separate Internet (IP) address. Otherwise, they may compete for the same communications port, creating a port conflict.

The setup process creates or changes documents in the Domino Directory for the server. No additional setup is needed.

Once the SMTP mail support is set up, you can verify that the support is active by checking the status of the Domino SMTP. If you are also running i5/OS SMTP on the same system, make sure it binds to a specific IP address, or it will compete with the Domino SMTP for the same communications port. If these two versions of SMTP are bound to the same IP address, they may not function simultaneously on the same server.