Chapter 20 Using National Language Versions of Domino
With Domino 8 for System i, fully translated versions of the product are not available. Instead, to deploy Domino in a language other than English, you must first install and configure the English version of Domino and then add the translated language objects from the Language Pack CD.

You can deploy more than one language on a Domino server or have Domino servers with different languages through the use of a language pack and multi-lingual database support. For additional information on this type of environment, see the readme.txt file on the Language Pack CD.

Although the commands, menus, panels, and messages are not translated for Domino 8, the iSeries Navigator plug-in interface is translated into Brazilian Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Spanish. For all other languages, the plug-in will default to English. The translated interfaces are installed as part of the Language Pack installation process.