Chapter 8 Setting Up an Additional Domino Server
Use this procedure if you want to add another Domino server to an existing Domino domain. When you add a Domino server to a Domino domain, the additional server uses the same Domino Directory as other servers in the Domain. For example, set up the Domino server as an additional server if:
Setting up an additional Domino server involves these tasks:

1. Prepare the i5/OS environment for the Domino server. If you previously set up your first Domino server on the same system, you already set up the i5/OS environment.

2. Use an existing server in the Domino domain to register the additional server.
3. Verify the TCP/IP connection from the registration server and its administrator workstation to the system.

4. Copy the server ID file for the additional server to the system, if you saved the server ID in a file when you registered the server.

5. Set up the additional server on the system.