Chapter 12 Using Domino for System i multi-version capabilities
With the 6.0.3 and 6.5.0 releases of Domino, IBM introduced multi-version capabilities for Domino on the i5/OS platform. Previous implementations of multiple Domino releases on one system required separate logical partitions (LPARs), which is not always a viable solution for some users. Starting with 6.0.3 and 6.5.0, Domino for System i supports multiple releases of Domino on the same LPAR.

This added capability is designed to allow increased flexibility for Domino for System i customers. You can now run different applications on different release levels of Domino in one partition. One significant advantage of this capability is that you do not have to end servers of one release in order to install another release. Since the existing servers that are configured to use one release are not automatically updated when installing a different release, these servers can remain active. This provides a very useful environment for running production servers on one release and testing new servers and applications on another release without impacting each other. Operating in this mixed environment can help increase the stability of both testing and production environments.

Installing and using multiple versions of Domino on one partition is optional. You can still operate in a single version environment, but there may be some action you need to take to make sure your environment works with these multi-version enabled releases. For more information, see "Preparing for multi-version capable releases" later in this chapter.