Chapter 19 Integrating iSeries Collection Services with Domino
A new feature starting with Domino 6 is the ability to integrate Domino with Collection Services. This i5/OS service can run continuously and store broad statistics about system performance. By integrating this service with Domino, you can store Domino statistics within this system repository.

You can configure the service to store Domino statistics over days or even months. The data can then be exported to DB2 files and cross referenced with other Collection Services data such as CPU use or disk use.

A pre-defined set of Domino statistics is stored in Collection Services. This pre-defined set was determined to be the most useful set of statistics during times of problem determination or problem prevention. The complete set of Domino statistics is available by running the following command from the Domino console:

For more information and examples on using this data, see the Domino for System i Application Development Guide.

When you install or upgrade to Domino 8, the new COLSRV400 addin task is automatically added to the ServerTasks parameter in the NOTES.INI file. It is used to gather statistics for that Domino server as required for Collection Services. When Collection Services is not running or is not set up to collect Domino statistics, the addin task does nothing. To completely disable this feature from a particular Domino server, the COLSRV400 task can be removed from the ServerTasks entry in that Domino server's NOTES.INI file. However, it is recommended that this is left in the NOTES.INI file.

For more information on Collection Services, see the IBM eServer iSeries Information Center at the following Web address: