Chapter 6 Setting Up a First Domino Server
If you are setting up a Domino domain in your organization for the first time, or are creating a new domain, follow the instructions in this chapter to set up a first Domino server. If you are adding a new server to an existing Domino domain, see Chapter 8 "Setting Up an Additional Domino Server."

You can choose to set up your first Domino server using iSeries Navigator, EZ Setup, or CL commands. You can also start the Domino Server Setup Wizard by opening executable files directly from the product CD-ROM.

Using iSeries Navigator
To set up the first Domino server on your system using iSeries Navigator, follow these steps:

1. Open iSeries Navigator.

2. Open the system where you installed the Domino software.

3. Click Network.

4. Click Servers.

5. Right-click Domino and select New -> New Domino Server.

The Java-based Setup Wizard will be launched. Complete the fields in the wizard using the information in the next section "Deciding what to specify for server characteristics."

Tip You can also use the CFGDOMSVR command to set up a Domino server on your system. For more information on the CFGDOMSVR command, see Appendix C "Using CL Commands With Domino for System i."

Using the Domino Server Setup Wizard
You can launch the Domino Server Setup Wizard directly from the product CD by running the domwzd.exe file. This file is located in the root directory of the CD and can be run from the workstation. For example, the file can be found at the following location:


where d is the letter assigned to your CD-ROM drive.

If you have multiple versions of Domino installed on your system, the Domino Server Setup Wizard prompts you to select which release of the server to configure.

Tip You can now use a record/playback feature for using a server setup profile and performing silent setups of Domino servers. For example, to record a setup script, open a DOS prompt on your workstation and enter the following command: