Chapter 5 Preparing the Administrator's Workstation
To manage your Domino server on i5/OS, you must set up an administrator's workstation to communicate with your system through TCP/IP. Once you have a workstation communicating with your system, you can choose any of the following methods for managing your Domino environment:

iSeries Navigator

Using iSeries Navigator to administer your Domino environment provides a unique advantage when running Domino on the i5/OS platform. This tool allows you to perform administrative functions for both Domino and i5/OS using one interface, integrating many functions for a seamless administration experience.

Domino Administrator client

The Domino Administrator client is a separate installable tool, allowing you to perform administration functions through a Notes interface. Using the Domino Administrator client, you have access to all administration functions for Domino, but it provides no ability to manage your i5/OS environment.

Caution You must use the Domino Administrator 8 client to manage Domino 8 servers. Do not attempt to use a Domino 7 Administrator client.

Domino Web Administrator

The Web Administrator provides a way to manage your Domino environment through a Web browser. You can administer your Domino servers from any workstation, without having to install specific software. To access the Web Administrator from any workstation, open a browser and enter the following Web address:

When prompted, type the Administrator's ID and password and click OK.