Chapter 14 Integrating Domino for System i with other database management systems
Domino 8 for System i has the flexibility to integrate with many other database management systems, enhancing your existing environment.

About DECS

The Domino Enterprise Connection Services (DECS) is a forms-based technology in Domino that provides the capability to integrate live data from i5/OS into Domino applications. Using DECS, you can build live links from Domino pages and forms to data in the DB2® Universal DatabaseTM for iSeries. The DB2 UDB for iSeries database can be on either a local system or a remote system. For details on setting up DECS, see "Setting up DECS" later in this chapter.

About LEI

Lotus Enterprise Integrator (LEI) is a server-based data distribution product that enables a high performance, scalable exchange of data between Lotus Domino and other host and relational applications. LEI allows you to schedule data synchronization for high volume transfers when server usage is low. For more information on LEI, see the following Web site:

Note Beginning with Domino 6, the LEI version used must match the Domino version. For example, LEI 6.5 must be used with Domino 6.5. Previous versions of LEI (such as 3.0) are not supported on Domino 8.

About LS:DO

LotusScript Data Object provides properties and methods for accessing and updating tables in external databases using LotusScript. LS:DO is easy to learn and integrate with i5/OS.

About DB2 UDB

DB2 Universal Database for iSeries is a fully integrated relational database manager that provides functions and features such as triggers, stored procedures, and dynamic bitmapped indexing that serve a wide variety of application types. These applications range from traditional host-based applications to client/server solutions to business intelligence applications. For more information on DB2 UDB for iSeries, see the database section of the IBM eServer iSeries Information Center at the following Web address:

About wire protocol drivers

Starting with Domino 7 and Domino 6.5.3, the Lotus Branded DataDirect Connect for ODBC wire protocol drivers are installed by the Domino installation program to the directory /QIBM/ProdData/Lotus/DOMINOxxx/EITODBC/, where DOMINOxxx is the directory corresponding to the release of Domino (for example, DOMINO800 for Domino 8.0). The user is no longer required to download and install the drivers.

Lotus Branded DataDirect Connect for ODBC consists of a number of database drivers that are compliant with the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) specification. The drivers enable you to connect to a variety of relational databases.